Tennis lessons are provided in private, semi-private, small group and large group options. Lesson locations will be discussed with Coach Sombathy. All players taking lessons receive weekly electronic communication offering tennis advice, opportunities, motivational videos and a full range of other tennis services. All players will receive a summary/evaluation within 24 hours of taking their lesson that will detail recommendations as well as analysis of their performance. 

Coach Sombathy is a strong proponent of video analysis and will typically use this during the lesson itself. Ball machines are also used frequently to increase the number of repititions a player gets during a session thus allowing Coach Sombathy to be more hands on with a student's mechanics. 


A tennis conditioning service is also offered for serious players looking to increase their tennis conditioning. All conditioning is focused on the aspects of the body most used by and essential for the sport of tennis. Coach Sombathy will provide all of the equipment used during the workout and will construct a program with the player in mind to work on between conditioning sessions. 

Options and Pricing for lessons 

Private (one player) -   1 hour= $50       

Two Players- $35 each  1 hour

Three Players - $30 each   1 hour

Four +   $25 each    1 hour 

how to schedule with coach sombathy

Click the "Calendar of Lessons" tab at the bottom of any page. This will show you times and dates already taken by other players as well as to their locations. Then contact Coach Sombathy via email or phone and we will schedule you into the calendar at a location that works for both of us. We do recommend a consistant schedule of "same time/day" each week to help maintain a player's progression.

cancellation policy

-  No shows and cancellations made within one hour of the lesson-  Full cost of the lesson

-  Cancellations made within 24 hours of the lesson (up to one hour prior) - 50% cost of the lesson cancellation fee

-  Cancellations made within 7 days of the lesson up until 24 hours prior - $10 cancellation fee. This will be waived if the player can reschedule the lesson.

-  No cancellation fee when notification is given a week or more in advance.